We are a group of young and committed individuals who want to help make people’s dreams come true!
We are LATAAC Change Makers!

It all started with an idea and a firm commitment of a young woman who was inspired by an incredible organization called "One Young World". The idea consists of a global social business platform that helps connects people working for social development around the world, and people willing to support them. However, it was needed more than one person to accomplish the goal. LATAAC was set in motion with the help of amazing Latin American young leaders, who wish to (or whose mission is to) inspire others to support social projects around the world, improve human development, and create a social impact whiting their locations.

LATAAC aims for the collaboration between people around the world, with no distinction of race, gender, color, or origin whatsoever. Just matter the inside of the people, and how they can help them to each other. Nevertheless, we are fully aware that not all global backers (collaborators) are able to give monetary contributions, thus they can help in many other ways such as: volunteering their time (a donation of their own talent), or donations of goods and/or services. For that reason, LATAAC created/introduced the “Boomerang Package”, which signifies that, beyond fundraising, giving creates a "boomerang culture" as all of what you give, returns to you in beautiful ways. “The gratification to help others with less luck than you".

Therefore, in our platform you are able to share your ideas with the world, and learn about other’s projects as well. Hence, you can become a LATAAC “Global Backer” (collaborator) by giving monetary donations, volunteering your time, sharing professional knowledge and/or donating good or services to the projects. Otherwise, you can also help us through social idea by helping projects achieve their funding targets, or even develop your own social project! We want to make a positive impact in the world. Together we can make it!

"If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together"

Mobile-Friendly Campaigns

No penalties for missing a goal

Allow your Global Backers enjoy while they are giving by providing great User Experience

Receive donations in your own website

Get donations of good and/or services for your project.

Get the most important value from people "their time" with volunteering donations.

Get connections with other projects around the world and be ready to work together.

Save effort and human resources required to fundraise, pay a little amount for a fundraising tool/page and you will receive additional benefits such as: Volunteering donations, Good and Services donations, and one additional Round more if needed.