Alejandra Salazar


The Painter! She loves to learn about different countries, and print all she saw in lienzo and photography.

Marco Bruggmann


The Firefighter! He loves the Nature like the sky with an in all his splendor.

Jaylli Artega

Chief Architect, Peru

The Architect! He loves to develop architecture of technology in order to create a social technology impact.

Nelly Andrade

Community Manager, Mexico

The Mobility awareness! She always is worried about the environment and sustainability in her country, she loves to ride bicycle.

Napoleon Roque

Community Manager, Guatemala

The Gentle! He enjoys reading books. Committed with his country development.

Roberto Garza

Community Manager, Panama

The Blood Backer! He always is seeking the best way to improve health in his country.

Adrianova Carrión

Community Manager, Nicaragua

The dreamer! She loves the nature, discovering new places, listening to good music and cares about animals and those in need.

Diego Díaz

Community Manager, Honduras

The languages apprentice! He likes to learn about other cultures. His Family is the most important in his life.

Jimena Vallejos

Community Manager, Paraguay

The Runner! Loves to improve the Social Project Management in her country.

Elena Molina

Community Manager, Cuba

The Cinema lover! She always is seeking to transform Cine in art.

Luciano Guadagnini

Community Manager, Argentina

The Green Leader!

Alexis Villacis

Community Manager, Ecuador

The Traveler! He is traveling around the word seeking answers to global issues.